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Embracing Simple Acts Of Love

My mother has always set an example for me when it comes to caring for others. If there ever was someone in need of a hot meal, she could be found busy in the kitchen, cooking something to give away. Even now, I can remember how much she prioritized visiting and connecting with family. With all the glorious highs and painful lows of motherhood, my mother continued the legacy of love she inherited from her mother—what a gift to receive. And now that I'm a mother myself, I've realized that I've also inherited my mother's strengths of caring.

My relationship with my mom transformed after I had children of my own—it was as though I suddenly developed a new level of appreciation for the influence she's had on me. As I go through my days, I can see her in myself as I raise my two girls, hoping that they, too, will inherit the goodness of my mother's legacy.

In my home, our favorite means of expression has always been through art—capturing pictures and getting our hands involved with different types of art projects has always brought us closer. To give someone something you've created—whether it is a photo or a macaroni necklace—is like giving a tangible piece of your love. Not only do we forge priceless memories in the process, but we strengthen our family bond as well.

Watching my children play and translate their imaginations into works of art is truly magical and the perfect opportunity for me to capture their wonder with my camera. I'm so grateful for the ability to instantaneously capture these moments forever at the press of a button. In today's world, it's effortless. While my two girls paint, giggle, and chat with me as they work, I collect the memories. When one of my daughters described the warm and fuzzy feelings she experienced when presenting her grandma with the precious artwork she crafted, I swelled with pride—remembering my own experiences of the same.

It's been an amazing journey to grow alongside my mom and watch my children's relationship with her blossom. I see three generations of strong women: a family connected by strength and love. My mother inherited her selflessness from her mother, and it will continue to be cultivated for generations to come through the giving and receiving of unconditional love.