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You Are A Photographer

Every Photo Tells A Story

Now we don't mean to be nit-picky, but we can't help it. There's a big dilemma; almost all the photos taken are ending up lost in an endless camera roll or buried under tons of social media posts. Don't get us wrong; sharing our images are fun and keep everyone updated on our latest adventures, including what we ate for lunch. However, we of all people know what's stuck in your camera rolls and believe it's time to relive those precious moments.

Okay, we understand you may require a little convincing and proof that we're right. Well, we're up for the challenge so let's give it go.

To begin, open up your camera roll and start scrolling through your photos. It's been our experience that it doesn't take our friends long before they are flooded with emotions. So, since you're among friends, you could admit your defeat. Probably within the first minute, you have smiled, laughed, and most likely had a few flashbacks.

It's Always Personal

Time is the most precious gift since it's the one thing we can never recreate or make more of. Our photographs send us back in time to relive moments we would have otherwise forgotten. Holiday seasons and family get-togethers are usually never complete until someone breaks out the family photo album.

Here's our sneaky trick to one-up anyone at the gifting game. Have you figured out the gang at MyPhoto has a competitive side? Find a magical moment you couldn't believe you captured or the photo that no one would expect. You know the one we're talking about! Capturing it was great, but do something better. Share that happiness by turning it into a physical gift to remind your loved one you want that special moment on display, front and center.

It's a gift that will keep on giving. So, don't be surprised if you hear the words, thank you repeatedly even months later.

What Moments Inspire Great Photos

In our opinion, it tells a story. One that's captivating and special to the individual who you photographed. Next time you're a guest at a wedding, birthday, or another occasion try to imagine what the guest of honor would want to remember. A moment they wished they could relive again.

Need some inspiration - what would you photograph at a wedding? Yes, the bride's dress! Hmmm, the bride is pretty familiar with her dress, and all her images will capture her in it. It's unlikely that your photograph would stand out as memorable. Try again. Here's a clue it's usually those spontaneous moments that will mean everything to the bride in the years to come. Like that moment when her father places his hand on her shoulder in an effort to hold on to his little girl as he witnesses, her joy sharing a meal with her husband for the first time - captured that!

In Conclusion

Don't be a victim of the digital photography era by losing your photos. See you your pictures for what they truly are - a present from your past. Presents that should be enjoyed and relived every day. Hopefully, we have inspired you to elevate your storytelling skills and remember practice makes perfect.

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