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15 Custom Wedding Gifts Ideas For Every Budget

Giving Gifts That Have Genuine, Personal Value

A wedding day is one of the best days of a person’s life. But when you are a guest at a wedding – it can be quite stressful deciding what to gift the happy couple.

Here is the thing. You do not have to splurge on expensive all-paid vacations or gift the wedding couple something fancy. You can give them a beautiful and well-thought-out gift they will cherish for years and not break the bank. The trick to achieving this is to gift the recipients something that can be of genuine, personal value.

Here is a list of the fifteen best budget-friendly engraved wedding presents that you can gift to the newly married couple—all the items we have listed below cost between $15 and $100. We are sure you will love their price tag, and the couple will love their value.

1. Custom Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words. How amazing would it be if you gifted the newly married couple a custom picture frame with the date they first met? Or when they decided to move in together or when the proposal took place? If you have a photo of the special event, you can get small photo prints or large photo prints of the same and get the image inserted into the frame.

2. Wooden Door Nameplate

This is an excellent gift for newlyweds to take to their new marital home. You can get their names engraved on the nameplate, their house number, or a quote on love and togetherness carved under their name. This can be a lifelong door accessory at their home.

3. Carved Cutting/Serving Board

A serving board or cutting board having a carving of the bride and groom’s likeness can make such a memorable gift. You will be asked to supply a couple of photos, and the engraver will carve their image on the board.

4. Cute and customized Pet Ornaments

This is such a great gift for couples who are also pet parents. Instead of the cliched pet name tags, how about getting a tag with the photo print of the couple with their pets? You can even engrave the tag with the date they adopted their pet together (if that is the case). Your pet parent friends will love this beautiful wedding gift.

5. Save the date stickable

Save the dates often tend to be discarded after the wedding. But what a beautiful way to immortalize the wedding invite engraved on wood or metal as a re-stickable wall accessory?

If possible, you can gift your loved ones before the wedding. Pay for their engraved save the dates and give them a wonderful surprise. Bulk orders of stickable and re-stickable engraved products can be quite budget-friendly. Plus, if made on proprietary acrylic material, they do not leave any marks when stuck on the wall and removed after the wedding.

6. Large Photo Print Art Wall

This excellent home décor gift can work well if the wedding couple loves the artwork. You can commission the couple’s photo on metal prints and have the prints engraved with their names or the date of the event the image is from. You can even get their favorite quote or TV show line carved onto the frame.

7. Wedding highlights fridge magnets

Refrigerator magnets may seem tedious, but they do not have to be. You can get fridge magnets engraved with details of the wedding, such as an inside joke made during the reception or the beautiful things the partners said during their vows. You can even get small photo prints of wedding highlights with these engravings. They can be unique gifts that newlyweds can one day share with their kids.

8. Engraved bookmarks and bookends

If the happy couple loves reading, you can get them a bookish-themed wedding gift. Wooden bookmarks and metal bookends can be engraved with the couple’s names, favorite genres, loved book quotes, or words of authors they cherish.

9. Personalized Christmas ornaments

Does the bride or groom have a Christmas carol they love? Are they religious, and would they appreciate a spiritual-themed gift? In that case, you can get Christmas ornaments engraved with Bible quotes, psalms, carols, and more, to help them ring in their kind of Christmas.

You can get such unique ornaments engraved and fitted with prints of engagement photos, pre-wedding shoots, wedding dress photos, and more.

10. Custom-designed vases

Vases make for such beautiful interior décor elements. Instead of gifting conventional vases, how about a vase engraved with something meaningful to the couple. There was a particular flower used during the proposal. You can get that flower engraved on the vase. Likewise, the couple has a specific song that they resonate with. You can get the lyrics of the song carved onto the vase. Both wood and metal vases work great here.

11. Wedding Love Ceramic Platters

Ceramic platters make excellent wall hangings and actual serving platters. No matter how they use them, the newly married couple will love a wedding platter engraved with their images. You can get excellent engravings either in simple silhouettes or in detailed drawings. These platters can come in conventional black & white or full color.

12. Carved candle holders

Candles are so romantic. Gift the couple beautiful, engraved candle holders that can be reused multiple times. You can get candle holders in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These can be made in wood or ceramic and be printed or left minimalistic.

13. Personalized Ice Buckets

Ice buckets can come in handy during the honeymoon period and even for years afterward. What an excellent way to help the couple remember the wonderful time of their wedding than by getting them an engraved ice bucket? You can have their wedding vows inscribed on the bucket or the bride and groom’s names with the wedding date. The engraving can also include the couple’s likeness, with or without their pets. The sky is the limit.

14. Custom Wine Glasses

Accompanying the ice bucket can be custom engraved wine glasses. If the couple is not lovers of wine, you can get beer mugs, shot glasses, whisky mugs, and even coffee cups engraved and gifted. If the couple has a family coat of arms or logo, you can also have that engraved onto the glasses. This can be a beautiful keepsake that the couple can one day pass on to their kids.

15. Engraved Photo Ledge

Finally, our last budget-friendly idea for engraved wedding gifts is an acrylic photo ledge. You can engrave it with the wedding date so the couple can place their wedding photos there. To make it more versatile, you can have their names engraved so the couple can put pictures of themselves or their families there. If you do not want long photo ledges, you can get engraved photo block stands too. The couple can also use these stands to keep family photos in the office. is a reputable digital photo printer with an extensive choice of small and large framed photo prints, acrylic photo blocks, ledges, ornaments, stickables, and more. Just select the gift you want to buy and upload your photo.

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