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3 Unique Valentine's Gift Ideas Beyond Chocolates and Flowers

Be Ordinary or Be Extraordinary

Be Ordinary or Be Extraordinary

We get it. Part of you wants to dust off the old playbook and go with the tried-and-true flowers and chocolates, maybe dinner and a movie. We are here to save you from your dreary old ways and breathe a breath of fresh air into what used to pass as romantic behavior.

As Valentine’s Day gets closer, reservations are filling up, and the price of flowers is skyrocketing. Don’t start stressing yet, we are here to rescue you from the mundane…

1. Make a Memory 

Making a Valentine’s Day memory doesn’t always need to be extravagant. I’m sure your partner wouldn’t object, but it really isn’t necessary. Here are a few easy-to-set-up ideas to take a break from the everyday and get back in touch with one another.

1.   Picnic in the park - weather permitting, pack up a cooler and a nice bottle of wine and head off to your local park.

2.   Game Night - Play board games or video games together, have some snacks, and enjoy friendly competition.

3.   Stargazing - Find a dark, quiet spot, lay down a blanket, and look up at the stars.

4.   Memory Lane - Visit places that hold special memories for the both of you, like the location of your first date or where you got engaged.

There are so many ideas you and your loved one can do to make new memories.

2. Bring Your Valentine’s Gift to Life with Photos 

Something that is sure to make a lasting impression would be to give the gift of your favorite shared memory or memories.            

Photo gifts are an amazing way to share with someone the most meaningful shared experiences. Giving a beautiful photo collage will leave a lasting reminder of all the fun times you shared together.           

If you shared a few relationship milestones in 2022, bring them to life and share the successes with your partner. Immortalize and catalog them with wall decor. 

Giving the gift of a personalized museum-quality Atrium Acrylic photo block has more sentimental meaning than another piece of jewelry from the mall. It will last just as long too! 

Any way you cut it, reliving cherished memories and giving them as gifts will surely put a huge smile on your partner's face. Let MyPhoto print those memories. It’s not too late to get your order in before Valentine's Day. We know how complicated it can be to get that perfect gift, but lucky for you, it’s already on your phone! The perfect gift can be in your hands in 5 business days or less. If you are one to put things off, MyPhoto offers expedited shipping!

Make it Personal

Receiving a gift that is personalized from that someone special makes for great big smiles. Why not do the same with your Valentine’s gift? Fortunately for those procrastinators, there are some easy and fast ways to create a personalized, customized Valentine's gift without worrying that you don’t have a lot of time.  

Making something for that special someone is a gift in itself. Let’s take some great memories you and your Valentine have shared and write those down. Then print or, better yet, handwrite each memory on a separate piece of paper. You can use nice colored construction paper or fancy stationery, but it’s not what the memories are on; it’s what they are about. Once you have 10, 20, or more, fill a jar or even a pretty box with the “memories”. You can find lots of cool containers to present your memories in at a craft or hobby store. Don’t have many memories yet? Then simply write down 10-20 thoughts about what you love about your Valentine. The way they sip their coffee. The sound of their laugh. They will love opening the jar or container and reading words straight from your heart. It may even remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

Upgrade From the Tired Old Clichéd Gifts and You Too Will Stand Out this Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to resort to the old clichéd Valentine’s Day Gift this year. All you need to do is search your heart for the memories, the moments and the personalized touch that makes what you share with your Valentine meaningful. It’s the thought that counts after all, so anything you come up with will be a memorable moment in time that can be enjoyed after the chocolates and flowers are long gone.

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