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20 Scary Halloween Decorations Ideas To Make Your House Haunted

Prep Your House For Tons Of Fun This Halloween

It’s that time of year! Spooky season is in the air, and it’s high time to bring out those haunted house decorations and prep your house for tons of fun! The best Halloween house decorations can be slightly expensive, even more so if you intend on turning your home into an eerie haunted house. But there’s no understating the effect a perfect setting can have on your kids and guests.

If you’re not comfortable spending a bunch of money to create the best possible Halloween experience for the kids, fret not! We have many simple DIY tips to make this spooky season 'one to remember.'

1. Spider web wall

When you ask a group of people what creeps them out, “spiders” are among the most common answers. So, a spider web wall is one of the best Halloween house decorations you can use. To create this effect, install wallpaper on a dining room wall. The wallpaper should give off a spooky, wooden cabin vibe. Using black spray paint, draw thin branches on the wallpaper. Then, use fake online or in-store web material and wrap it around the branches and on the wall.

2. Candlesticks in wine bottles

Give your home a spooky flicker with wine bottle candlesticks. Take a few wine bottles and cover them in matte black paint. Once they have dried, inserting orange taper candles into their opening and placing them together will create an eerie atmosphere, especially when they are lit at night. Adding cobwebs around the bottles is sure to make the setting scarier.

3. Bubbling cauldron

Adding some water and dry ice into a cast-iron bucket or Dutch oven will make it look like a spooky fog is emanating from the vessel. While the porch would be an excellent place for a bizarre fog bucket, the Dutch oven would look creepy on the dining table, and even more so besides the wine bottle candlesticks.

4. Spooky silhouettes

A simple white mantel can be brought to life with some spooky silhouettes made from craft paper. Install photo frames with pictures of scary-looking characters to depict the residents of the house. Medieval candleholders can be cut and pasted along with torches or lamps. Black cording can be used to make garlands hung above the fireplace. Silhouettes of bats flying around the bouquets and some even resting on them are sure to add to the effect of your haunted house decor. The fireplace can have red flames, and guarding the wall can be coiled snake andirons on either side of the fire.

5. Oversized balloon spiders

To create giant spiders with balloons, blow up two black ones – a bigger one to represent the body and a smaller one to represent the head. Knot them together and make the legs using unfurled wire hanger or faux fur. Attach one leg on either side of the body and the other six at the knot where the head and body meet. Using fishing wire, the giant arachnids can be hung in several places around the house and outdoors.

6. Creepy living room

One of the simplest yet most effective scary Halloween decoration ideas is covering the furniture in your living room with white sheets. It automatically gives the impression that it is uninhabited and probably haunted. Dim lighting with a white background, fake cobwebs, and dust on the covered furniture will complete the ensemble and make your living room resemble Miss Havisham’s! Don't forget to click away. Once Halloween is over, the pictures can go up on the living room wall. Visit MyPhoto to adorn your living room with memories.

7. Broomstick-themed doors

Use giant broomsticks, like the ones witches are shown to fly around on, and tape them onto the doors to amplify your haunted house decorations. One broom can be hung with its head on one side, with two more on either side hanging in the opposite direction.

8. Post box sign

One of the simplest scary outdoor Halloween decorations is a directional signpost. Use black paint on the arrows and orange on the rod to which it is attached. Adding a faux raven to the signpost and inscribing a spooky phrase from any famed novel or movie will set the pace for what’s to follow indoors.

9. Hanging cages

Paint your laundry baskets matte black and place them outdoors to spook your neighbors with your scary Halloween yard decorations. To complete the ensemble, insert fake skeletons inside the baskets!

10. Spider web tablecloth

Use white or grey spray paint to draw spiders on a black tablecloth and spread it on your dining table for a spooktacular effect. Placing creepy items like spiders and medieval candelabra will boost your Halloween house decoration.

11. Skull candle holder

There’s no shortage of creepy candle holders online. A skull candleholder is an excellent fit on your mantle or the dining table! You can choose to have just one large skull candle holder with two or three openings for the candles or have multiple smaller ones and line them up on your table—a popular scary Halloween house decoration item.

12. Cardboard tombstones

Use matte black spray paint on a piece of cardboard and turn it into a tombstone. Use white color to engrave the headstone. You can use popular phrases from movies or novels or use your own words and quotes to get creative. Some funny one-liners you can add with spooky fonts include - ‘Here lies Mozart decomposing,’ ‘Not resting in peace,’ ‘Rest in pieces,’ etc.

13. Cardboard coffin

Use giant cardboard and cut it out to emulate a coffin. An open-casket funeral in your yard will raise your neighbors’ eyebrows and 'spookify' your scary outdoor Halloween decorations. You can leave the coffin standing upright, and adding a skeleton inside will only amp up your yard—indeed, one of the spookiest haunted house decorating ideas.

14. Bloody footsteps on the walkway

Paint your walkway white for the holidays, step on some red paint, and let those bloody footprints lead up to your front door. With one of the most straightforward scary outdoor Halloween decoration ideas, let your yard highlight your haunted house décor.

15. Gothic florals

You can create genuinely beautiful centerpieces by sticking some pampas grass and black bunny tails into vases. These vases can be kept on side tables or around carved pumpkins for a spookier effect.

16. Moody tablescapes

You can do a lot with your dining table to complement your scary Halloween house décor. One of the most straightforward options would be to set the mood for dinner. The table can be decked with black tableware and a lace table runner. A few creepy elements can be added to amplify the effect. Skulls, glass bottles representing magic potions, dead flowers, etc., are some great options to decorate your dining table for Halloween.

17. Photobooth backdrop

To complete your haunted house décor, a photo booth is highly recommended. The perfect backdrop can be created with relative ease. Hang a Halloween-themed fringe curtain over a wall, and supplement it with some creepy elements. Medieval mirrors, a Dutch oven, or a large flower vase on a stool on either side of the wall can work great here.

18. Fall florals

While most of your scary Halloween house décor ideas are bound to be grim and dark in terms of colors, a touch of fall florals is highly recommended. Creamy white blooms and vibrant orange flowers go amazingly well, especially when placed in a vase by hollowing out a pumpkin. Leaving some dried leaves around your décor will add detail to your spooky settings.

19. Batty décor

Your scary outdoor Halloween decorations can hit new heights with a few simple touches in the yard. Halloween-themed elements such as witch hats, pumpkins, bats, or ghosts can be left hanging from the branch of a tree or the ceiling on the porch.

20. Creepy wreaths

A must-have on the scary decorations list. You can install a wreath on every door in your house or just one on the main entrance – the choice is yours. But a wreath is mandatory to complete your haunted house décor. Depending on the wreath you put up, you can keep it all autumn. For instance, decorating a Styrofoam wreath with pinecones, leaves, and a few other autumn touches will look great on your door even after Halloween. There are so many options when it comes to wreaths. You can use shapes of bats, pumpkins, snakes, eyeballs, and a host of other Halloween-related options to create the ideal wreath.


With so many different options to choose from and so many haunted house décor ideas to explore, turn this Halloween into an epic one. Try using acrylic blocks and scary photographs for a chic yet spooky setting. Creating an eerie ensemble is a fun affair, from your yard and walkway to your door and the interiors of your home. You’ll be able to find plenty of options online to give your home the perfect Halloween look. However, if you’re not too keen on spending much, some of the aforementioned DIY ideas will ensure that spooky season sticks around in your memory!

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